About Baltech

Passionate. Creative. Honest. Human

Who We Are

Our endeavor to achieve this with technical, financial, business & moral excellence

Baltech India is a privately owned company offering Offshore Outsourcing services to various clients in the U.S., Australia and Europe since 2008. Our services and solutions are designed with a focus on secure, scalable, expandable and reliable business systems. Through our low cost, high quality and reliable software services, we serve our clients giving them value for money and thus client satisfaction.

We are committed towards achieving high levels of customer satisfaction by ensuring quality, cost effective and timely solutions. It would be our endeavor to achieve this with technical, financial, business and moral excellence.

Our Principles

We take pride in our on time delivery and ability to meet quick turn around requests while exceeding customer quality demands.

We Value Our Clients

Baltech India is a company that works in a flexible environment for software development process, adjusting as per our clients' requirements. Quality work is a prerequisite for every task we undertake at Baltech India as we consider that "every day counts".

We Believe In Quality

Attempting to provide world-class services, we always strive to provide you with quality work and consider "every effort counts". Excellent and consistent quality at low cost is what drives Outsourcing business and we play by the rules of the game.

We Value Our People

People are the key resources in any service industry. We highly value our people and their performance. Baltech India ensures providing an environment to develop their skills and offers them a rewarding career.

  • Synergy in Operations

  • Technology Enhancement

  • Constant Innovation

  • Constant Quality

  • Process Improvement

  • Supply as per demand

Project Feedback

The Baltech team is highly skilled. They are always attending course and workshops that advances their knowledge and keep up-to-date with the latest in the market. If there is anything they don’t know and there no way that any one of us knows it all, they ask for time to research, study and then get back to you with what they have found. Do you pay for it NO as they consider this as part of their self development and learning.

George Zeidan, Zeidan