06 / 04 / 2015

Mobile Trends

Are you a techie? This article may concern you as a developer, a tech savvy or the one who is not away from the affects of the technological changes happening day-to-day in our life. Every day brings technology innovation with it leaving all of us thinking WHAT IS NEXT. With the launch of every technological advancement we feel it can't be better than this but the next moment we have something better for us.

While putting my thoughts into this article, I'm concerned about bringing some Mobile App Trends to look for in coming days. As a programmer it might be helpful to know where should we go from here.


    the next big thing to capture market soon. With the launch of Apple Watch everyone is looking on how this is going to affect everyone of us. Just imagine a watch doing it all for you, messages, notifications, phone call, glances, health, blah blah, list is good.


    a technology to push every bit of information based on your selection trends, your location or context bringing information to you before even you think of it. Imagine you are moving around in a Mall and suddenly you get a notification.... What is this? An offer detail nearby. You rush and pick the deal. Wow! isn't it great?


    utilising mobile apps as a weapon to boost their sales and services in order to reach every user. This includes kitchen services, e-commerce, taxi, ticketing, offers, deals and list goes on.


    It's when you were in a queue to get a movie, train or bus ticket. I remember... hmmm.. quite a long. Mobile apps doing it all for you. Just a click away you can do every bit you want to get the services at home.


    Mobile payments are overriding online payments and with the introduction of Apple Pay supporting every kind of payments.. it's growing faster. It's simple, safe

This is just a small list of technology we are in and more to come. Plan and move ahead.