My Happy App

Mobile Application & UX

Spreading happiness through an app

MyHappyApp is designed to help Users take an active role in maintaining their wellbeing by focussing on happiness. Users can measure their level of happiness then choose activities to improve their wellbeing.

This application helps users in being positive and happier. The interface was designed to reflect happiness in every screen, prompting users to read articles, watch videos, listen music to get your stressed meter down.

With My Happy App, people can start making a positive difference in their life.

There are series of questions in a quiz form that measures user's level of happiness. Based on the answers, happiness rating is calculated and users are presented with different content, images, videos and audio to be happier and positive in life. This app was designed and developed in association with Zeidan.

Project Feedback

The Baltech team is highly skilled. They are always attending course and workshops that advances their knowledge and keep up-to-date with the latest in the market. If there is anything they don’t know and there no way that any one of us knows it all, they ask for time to research, study and then get back to you with what they have found. Do you pay for it NO as they consider this as part of their self development and learning.

George Zeidan, Zeidan

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