18 / 05 / 15

Time to Unveil

It is time to unveil our new improved website. Over past 7 years, we improved our skills, approach, work process and portfolio and hence decided to revamp our website with the approach and portfolio. We spent few weeks on analyzing how we would like to re-build our online presence, and concluded that this time we will bring a “human element” to the site.

Our old website did not reflect who we are, how we look. It made our clients question, “are you guys really a 60 people company?”. So with the new site, we decided to answer this question. We spent 2 weeks in photo shoot and video shoot. We all enjoyed this session as everyone was excited to act in front of camera for the first time and gave their best shots with smiling faces.

The prior website didn’t give much information about our work approach and the processes we use to deliver the end product for our clients. This time we showcased in our case studies, the complete process of research, analysis & development that goes for every project, no matter how big and small the project is. It is phenomenal, presenting the project concept, thoughts and features in pictorial view and client experience with us throughout the project. To present our portfolio we divided our work in different categories allowing the site visitors to view our work in the specific category they are interested in. The new website focus on details with imagery approach.

We believe in long term association with our clients and we just don’t say it, we mean it. This can be seen in our 7 years old association with our clients across the globe. We provide solutions to our clients putting ourselves in their shoes and a goal of putting a smile on their face.

We mentioned few of our client’s testimonials in text and video, we received from our client. Happy to reveal to the work our new best that represents who we are & our approach and an insight into exactly how we work & what we can deliver.