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Pythagorean Numerology

This App provides Numerological calculations based on Pythagorean Numerology. Core details like Life Path, Expression, SU and more such details. It also provides a year-wise Numerological chart of Essence-PY-UY for a total of 100 years of Age. Moreover these calculations can be saved in pdf format for future use. Pythagorean Pyramid Results and Personality Grid are its attractive features. It displays the desired Personal Month number and Personal Day number.

Tools & Technology


Client Requirement and Challenges

The challenge involved a client who previously utilized an Excel sheet for calculating numerology values. However, the client’s data wasn’t being saved, necessitating the recreation of a new copy of the same Excel sheet each time. Furthermore, certain values were missing from the original sheet. This case highlights the need for a more efficient and reliable solution for numerology calculations and data management.



Baltech understood the client’s problem and developed a digitalized solution by creating an app for the same purpose. This app simplifies the process by taking the name and date of birth of a client and providing all the necessary numerology details. With this app, users can predict the past, present, and future aspects of a person’s life with ease and accuracy.


App Features

  • Core values
  • Karmic Numbers
  • Balance Number
  • Subconscious Self Number
  • Intensity
  • Temperament & Challenge
  • Pyramid Result
  • Annual Chart
  • Personal Month
  • Personal Day
  • Hidden Number
  • Attitude Number

PDF Report

We integrated a PDF feature that enables astrologers to download client details in a convenient PDF format. This functionality enhances accessibility and facilitates offline reference, ensuring that astrologers have easy access to comprehensive client information whenever needed.